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Caroline Esinam Adzogble is a profound Entrepreneur, Educationist, Business Coach, Diversity maverick, an advocate for women and girls in technology and the founder of IUS and IBSS, Potters International College, Admission in 30 Minutes, Everyday Travels and Tours, Caroline Technology Solutions, President of Caroline University and the Mercy Heart Foundation.

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Caroline has strategic and operational ability. A skilful professional with 7 years of international consulting experience, Caroline conveys a deep knowledge of matters pertinent to Education Management, Strategy development and Technology Entrepreneurship.


She established her reputation in the Education space as the youngest female to own and run an Accredited International College in 2016.

Female Tech Advocate

Caroline is committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation of female leaders through technology and Education. Known for harnessing the power of women to move businesses forward.


Ms. Caroline is one of Africa’s most dedicated philanthropist. She is the Founder of Mercy Heart Foundation and Drives the Caroline Excellence Awards and 100 Laptop GiveAway Project. Mercy Heart Foundation was created to make education accessible and affordable to all. A nonprofit organization that promotes closing opportunity gaps by expanding excellence and equity in education for students of all color and those from low-income families from pre-kindergarten through college.

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Great Experience

This is my second time working with IAES Africa, (a project by Caroline Esinam) it was an exciting experience and i look forward to working with you in the future.

Ashley Watson

Tennessee Technological University

Big Ups Caroline

Big ups to Caroline for organizing the event, its been very well organized.

Graeme Tong

Middlesex University

Best Event Ever

It is the most well organized professional conference and event i have ever seen, and big thanks to the founders and organizers.

Sharon Ibironke

University of Nottingham, china